Cango Won the Annual Award for “US-Listed Chinese Company with Best Investor Relations”

Date: 2020-12-31

At the recent “Futubull’s 2020 List” selections organized by Futu, Cango won the award for “US-Listed Chinese Company with Best Investor Relations.” 

Cango Won the Annual Award for “US-Listed Chinese Company with Best Investor Relations”

Cango was established in 2010. Its founders and management are trailblazers and leaders in China’s technology-driven auto financial services field. Big data and technological innovation being its core driving force, Cango has always dedicated itself to providing customers with secure, professional, highly efficient and technology-driven auto financial services. It is also committed to metamorphosing from an auto financial service provider to a new auto retail platform, and by offering consumers simple and pleasant auto purchase experience, it is building itself into an auto service platform of choice for consumers.

By setting up a new auto retail platform driven by technology and data, Cango has completed deployment in three major fields, which are auto loan facilitation, auto transaction facilitation and auto aftermarket services. Through technology-driven financial enablement and closed-loop services, Cango is reshaping the person-goods-place relationship in auto transaction and creating value for all participants on the auto circulation value chain. As of now, Cango has served a total of more than 1.6 million car buyers, thanks to its collaboration with more than a dozen large- and medium-sized commercial banks including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, WeBank, Bank of Shanghai and MYbank, more than a dozen insurance institutions including China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. and ZA Insure, OEMs of gasoline-powered auto brands as well as high-tech and new-energy brands, and close to 50,000 physical dealerships nationwide. 

In terms of investor relations, having established its official corporate account through the Futu platform, Cango had spent the past year communicating with the investors and conveying to them the company’s values in a timely manner. Fans of the corporate account are now 3000+ strong, and contents published through the corporate account have been viewed more than 290,000 times.

Through one performance call after another, one online show after another, and the delivery of one business progress report after another, Cango is demonstrating to the investors the company’s vision, strategies and investment value, establishing broad and effective communication channels, providing the investors with the latest information, and continuously conveying the company’s development philosophy and values. As a result, the investors’ knowledge, recognition and trust in the company are constantly improving. 

Cango’s winning the Futu annual award for “US-Listed Chinese Company with Best Investor Relations” amply proved the investors’ recognition of the company’s business development, corporate governance and investor relations work, validated the company’s efforts and results in strengthening communication with the capital market, and once again testified to the company’s brand influence and reputation in the capital market. Looking forward to the future, Cango will continue to deepen its footprint in the industry, maintain steady operation, deploy in more business fields and fully leverage its own strengths, so as to repay the investors for their trust in the company.