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ZHOU Linan

Suqian Hongxin Automobile Sales & Services Co., Ltd.

In areas where women are not the best, such as car search and fronting car payment, the platform built by Cango has truly saved me a lot of trouble. At the same time, their APP platform has all the functions I need and is easy to use, so I have become more efficient at work.

ZI Qingxian

Weishan County Zhongxin Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

(The villagers) were really poor. They might not even be able to spare 20,000 or 30,000 yuan for a car, let alone cars costing over 100,000 yuan. Cars were available, but where was the money to pay for them? Cango associates brought with us flexible auto loan products and made it possible for villagers low on cash to own cars with the installment payment option. And thanks to easy online processing and meticulous services from Cango associates, loan application was convenient and fast for the Yi villagers, some of whom had never set foot beyond the mountain.

ZHAO Wenbao

Dongguan Honghai Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

I quickly realized that the multi-dimensional automobile financial solutions offered by Cango greatly enriched the professional services accompanying car sales. At the same time, the supply chain financing and inventory management services provided by Cango eased, to an immense degree, the pressure I suffered in capital chain. 

WANG Liping、SUN Zhiguo

Shengtong Automobile Trading in Tianfanjie Town, Poyang County, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province

It is a trend to popularize cars in villages and towns with a great development prospect. To run a mom-and-pop store successfully, firstly, you should make reasonable profit and be honest to your customers. Secondly, you could cooperate with a big platform, like CANGO, from which you would have a strong supporting team and diversified auto financial products, and enjoy benefits. Lastly, to keep up what we have been doing.

SHEN Xiaolin

Qinhuangdao Hongren Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

By collaborating with Cango, Hongren is benefiting from Cango’s nationwide business network and dramatically reducing the time it spends on car searches and logistics. More important, the Cango platform’s capacity for fronting car payment eases, to an enormous degree, the pressure short-term cash flow exerts on dealers and enhances car purchase efficiency, thus improving client experience and driving sales.